Local Knowledge Pays off on The South Island

brown trout release

With wet weather throughout much of the Southwest region of New Zealand’s South Island we headed East yesterday to find dryer conditions and clear rivers. The wind was still howling, spotting fish was tough but we managed to find a few Browns nestled up near riffled shorelines. Small caddis pupae were the best patterns. Using a small yarn indicator, small flies and a long leader we fished upstream to sighted fish.

scottie little brownie

Local fishing guide Scott Little has been fishing around New Zealand’s South Island much of his life. His ability to find water in shape proved invaluable. After fishing we took the less traveled route up and over a gorge. Spectacular scenery, 1000’s sheep and literally 22 gates open and closed later, we made it home.

South Island Brown

thomason's gorge

sheep herding subaru

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  1. Tim says:

    We’re so fortunate to have a classic, yet progressive fly shop operator left in the state of Oregon!! These guys work so hard and with so much more passion than the corporate Giants. We really need to continue recognizing the contribution and value of operators like Chris Daughters and his team at the Caddis Fly Shop. Support private fly shops—they are endangered!!!

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