Fish links from around da Web

We sift through the fly fishing blogosphere for golden nuggets so you don’t have to!

Chinook Salmon: Waiting For The Rain from River_Snorkel on Vimeo.

Trout Underground: Tom Chandler posts some advice on how to pick the best camera for fly fishing. People often ask me which camera is best for fly fishermen, and because I’m a smartass, I usually tell them it’s the one you actually carry with you on the river.

SwittersB: Rick Haefle’s advice regarding winter nymph fishing for trout. Nymph fishing on a winter morning will certainly hone your skills for nymph fishing other times of the year. The sluggish metabolism of winter fish means their takes are softer and subtler than ever. It also means they won’t go as far out of their way to take your fly. Haefle’s full article here.

Steel: Steelie Mike hangs out with John Geirach. The best part about it was seeing that these two longtime fishing buddies were not unlike my friends and I. It brings so much more to the adventures he shares with us in his writing. These adventures are not unlike our own and his articulate writing style, humor and knowledge brings what the true meaning of why we fly fish back to us when we cannot break free on our own adventures.

Eat More Brook Trout: Twenty questions with Mia Sheppard — Steelhead Guide and Native Fish Society River Steward. Mia’s pet peeve… My blood boils when people can’t bury their feces in the outdoors and then your dog finds it and eats it or your walking along a river and there under a tree is a paper trail a mile long.

Fishing Jones: Pete McDonald catches stripers, weighs whether it’s better to spend money on a righteous boat or invest in an alpaca farm. Pfffttt… llamas.

Fishbeer: Matt Dunn writes a bunch of beautiful craziness, conjoined with salmon photos that make me realize I don’t know shit about Michigan. Apparently it is not really half as bad as Ohioans make it sound. And so we drifted and he sang slowly and Jesus got all the way laid in his tomb and he was just about to get raised up when a big dog came tearing down the far bank barking as loudly and as fearsomely as he could. The man didn’t stop singing and the dog didn’t stop barking.

Carp on the Fly: John Montana takes a break from carpin to catch some surf perch and posts some good advice. Trying to read a “rip” or a “hole” at high tide isn’t as easy as it looks. On a beach devoid of obvious tells, I flailed away and stripped flies through the froth. It worked. The fish are aggressive, so if you can show em the fly, they eat.

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3 Responses to Fish links from around da Web

  1. Sam says:

    While it is true that a llama will keep pesky bears at bay and will ward off coyotes I spent my money on a righteous boat.

  2. Marc Robershaw says:

    A fishing blog helping other fishing blogs. Nice. Good sites thank you.

  3. Matt Dunn says:

    Ohio? Pfffftt.

    Thanks for the link.

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