Alaska Fly Fishing Report

alaska float trips

Mike Eaton sends us this report and photos from a recent trip to Alaska. Thanks Mike looks like a blast.

I saw the post about Peter’s trip up to AK and thought that I might send you a couple of pics from my trip in early August. Six of us took an unguided unsupported back country float for 7 days on the Alagnak River in Katmai National Park. Our run timing was a little off or a little on depending on how you look at it. We weren’t able to target a single species of salmon since we were in between runs, but there were a few of all 5 species in the river so we had a chance to catch all 5. We also battled relentless mosquitoes; due to the high water we weren’t camping on gravel instead we were stuck camping on grassy banks where the mosquitoes seemed to be just waiting for us. We saw bears, foxes and eagles and had an incredible trip. I hope you enjoy the photos.

alaska fly fishing trips

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Mike Eaton

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3 Responses to Alaska Fly Fishing Report

  1. Mike Eaton says:

    Thanks so much for posting those Chris! I forgot to say thanks to Nemo Equipment for providing the tents that we used and thanks to Cheeky for lending us a reel for the trip. I also forgot to mention that mustaches were required!

  2. dewey says:

    Seriously – NO PEBBLE MINE. This is one of many reasons

  3. Akpm says:

    I’m wondering how the rainbow fishing was this season this is my first year off the river in a long time and the bow fishing has been really bad of late.

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