Bandon Fishing Report

Oregon Coast Fly Fishing

Chad Helms and Greg Taylor of our local Corps of Engineers office bring us this report from the South Coast.

oregon coastal fly fishing

Greg Taylor and I spent 3 days last weekend fishing out of Bandon. The bar conditions were perfect and we were able to get out to the ocean every day. Each morning we ran out past the bar and fished for Rock fish. The first day, we saw a huge school of black Rock fish on the surface and they were actually jumping out of the water. It was absolutely crazy!!! The fishing was red hot. It seemed like every cast caught a fish. It didn’t matter what fly you used.

oregon coast fly fishing

black rock bass oregon coast

Greg was fishing with a floating line and a popper and caught a ton of fish. I was using an Rio Outbound WF8I/S8 with a Clouser Minnow pattern. After a couple of hours of non stop black Rock Fish action each day we headed back in across the bar and spent the rest of the day fishing for salmon. The Chinook fishing was slow, but we managed to put 5 in the boat over the 3 days. The weather was awesome and we had a great trip.

Rock Fish fly fishing Oregon Coast

fly fishing the oregon coast

Oregon Salmon Fishing

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