Salmon Stringer Fly Tying Video

Popularized by Bill Nelson of Eugene Oregon this long Salmon Streamer Pattern employs modern materials in creating a killer bait-fish pattern. Senyo’s Intruder wire is used to attach the stinger hook of your choice. An up eye style hook like a Gamakatsu Octopus hook rides well when trolled or cast in the Pacific for Coho or Chinook Salmon.

Clear Cure Goo and Clear Cure Goo Hydro makes attaching the eyes and building the large head of the fly a snap.

salmon stinger

Salmon Stringer Fly

Thread: Uni-Mono 3/0
Hook: Saltwater 2/0 or 3/0
Trailer: Grey Senyo Intruder Wire; 2/0 Silver Gamakatsu
Body: Silver Flat Braid
Wing: Pearl Flashabou
Polar Bear Fishair
Pearl Krystal Flash and DNA Holo-chromosome Flash
Silver Holographic Flashabou
Flashabou Lateral Scale
Kingfisher Blue Fishair
Green Super hair
Peacock Krystal Flash
Eyes: Hareline Adhesive 5/16 Super Pearl
Clear Goo Thick
Clear Goo Hydro

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4 Responses to Salmon Stringer Fly Tying Video

  1. Eric says:

    Do the suggested saltwater gamakatsu hooks come with an upward eye? Or can you only get those with flat-eyes?

  2. Tony T. says:

    The hook is the Gamakatsu Octopus Hook in Nickel finish. It only comes with an up-eye. I hope this helps.
    Thanks, Tony

  3. Two dogs says:

    The link is incorrect. The hook on the fly is an Octopus as stated. If you follow the link you wind up with the SC 15 which is a dandy tube fly hook.

  4. Rick Steen says:

    Enjoyed your presentation
    I was the lucky one to have fished with Bill Nelson for over 20 years, we were very close friends, I lived in Bc and met Bill when he was at April Point
    The one thing Bill did with all his flies was to put them under hot water and let them dry after he shaped them with a pair of hairstyling scissors.
    I was fortunate to know all the old time bucktailers from Cowichian Bay (Charlie Stroger) for living on Vancouver Island made it all possible.
    I am moving to Powell River just south of where Bill Nelson spent this 20 plus summers and take the next few years to retrace with his flies all the locations he marked for me.

    take care
    Rick Steen

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