Big Win for Conservation Areas on State Lands

Clear Clean Oregon Waterways

Earlier today, the Oregon Board of Forestry moved to approve the creation of a new category of state lands. Although the change doesn’t set aside any new conservation tracts in Oregon’s 820,000 acres of state forests, the vote marks an important step towards greater protections for critical fish and wildlife habitat. The Board’s vote directs the Department of Forestry to establish by administrative rule a new land management category for lands with “high conservation focus.” Moving forward, the Department will develop language for the draft rule and take public comment on where and to what extent newly designated lands will be protected. OregonFlyFishingBlog will keep you updated on where and when public comments may be accepted.

Read More about the move by viewing this link: Conservation Areas

Reminder: Dick Fraser of Cedar Lodge will be at the shop tonight from 5-7pm.

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