Fishy Business at the Coast – June 2012

Yes angling devotees, it is past time for a fishing report from the Oregon Coast. In short, fishing has been slower than slow. Lots of cool water in all of the coastal rivers has allowed springers to push upstream and hide out in deep holes where they are more susceptible to Kwikfish and bait than to flies.

Not to worry though, because there are alway observations worthy of reporting anytime one spends days upon days on the water, chasing the Unicorn, as our friend Rob would say.

There is ample opportunity to bury hooks in fingers and leave blood dripping in the boat and smeared on cork fly rod handles. Hummmm. Is this a fish attractant or repellant? Maybe that explains fish less day after fish less day.

While actual grabs, as opposed to rocks, bull kelp, and underwater logs have been few in number this year, I did get a monster grab last week. Big grab, stong head shake, and then —- nothing. Upon examination of my hook, guess what I discovered. One of my “friends” set me up with a set of pliers. Well, I know who did it, and my memory is long in such matters. I do not believe in retaliation as this sordid process only spawns a downward spiral to eternal damnation for all concerned — but I will remember this one.

I have observed more than one fly fisher who apparently forgot to spool on some backing before loading his/her fly line. Tsk tsk, as Buggs Bunny would say. Get thee to the Shop and remedy this badness, I say.

There is never enough time to keep tackle organized, so I just throw it in the boat and let it sort itself out.

My friends occasionally drop by and often leave evidence of their visit. Evidence sometimes expresses itself in surprising form. On one occasion, I stepped over a beautiful Comet carefully laid on my front door sill. Thanks Jason.

On another occasion, as I reached for the front door handle, I noticed a fresh layer of silvery scales. Nice job Rob.

I did get close to a salmon recently and was able to capture the above image as it swam placidly along my Super Pram.

Have fun out there….. and remember, this thing we do is about far more than the fish.

JN — June 2012

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