Sage ONE Switch and Spey rod line charts

Hizonner the right honorable George Cook shot us the following Rio Fly Line guide for the new Sage Sage ONE Spey and Sage ONE Switch rods a few days after he recuperated from the 2012 Sandy Spey Clave. Our thanks to Mark Bachmann for organizing this event – truly a gotta-see gathering of PNW and international two hand aficionados.

Sage ONE Switch Rod Line recommendations for Rio fly lines

Sage One Line Chart
And a zillion thanks to George and his friends who helped develop and refine this line recommendation chart for Sage ONE two handers. Now officially unveiled by Sage, but no secret to anyone, the ONE long rods will ship in mid-June and we are already building a waiting list for the much anticipated switch and spey rods. Based on what we have experienced with Sage ONE Fly Rods so far, these big boys and girls will deliver the amazing performance the ONE single hand rods have already proven.


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  1. Mike says:

    I find it interesting they have the skagit short so much higher then the flight recommendation. I have found that when I go from a flight to a short in the same weight the line feels much heavier. If you think about it the short has the same weight only in a shorter section of line. This also means that the D-loop has more of the weight out of the water with the short giving more load to the rod. I find it crazy that on the 6wt the flight is a 400 but the short is a 475.

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