McKenzie and Willamette Fishing Well Trending Great

McKenzie River Water Trend

Fishing has been good despite unsettled water and weather. Green and Grey Drakes, Pale Morning Duns, small Caddis and large Golden Stones have been the best patterns of late. There were so many drakes out Friday that a Red Headed Wood Pecker was hovering and feeding on mayflies like a swallow.

Drakes on the McKenzie

Wild McKenzie River Rainbow Trout

It was “training day” in the boat on Friday. Pat Jenkins Head Athletic Trainer at University of Washington and owner of Recycled Waders and Clay Jameson trainer of the U of O’s Men’s Basketball Squad were in the front of boat on the Upper McKenzie. Fishing was good from start to finish with Half Down Golden Stones and Possie Bugger droppers. I am pretty sure it was the first time a Husky hat has ever made it in the boat.

Redside Trout on the Upper McKenzie

Summer Steelhead numbers are looking good, as we are well ahead of last years counts over Willamette Falls. Be ready with Moal Leaches, Deuce Wigalo’s, Town Runs, and Green Butt Silver Hiltons.

2012 Summer Steelhead Counts

2011 fish counts

Willamette River Hydro Plot

As with the McKenzie the trend looks really good on the Willamette. Trout and Steelhead fishing throughout the Willamette system will be excellent in the coming weeks.

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  1. Kyle says:

    Hello, I was wondering where the Willamette Falls are that those fish counts are taken at? Thanks in advance!

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