Rockfish and Dory action on the Oregon coast

fly fishing the oregon coast in a pacific dory

Yup folks, it is offshore time again. After spending more days than I care to admit chasing the elusive spring Chinook, and earning not one single grab, I had the pleasure of going out through the surf with my friends Jack and John Harrell. The process of launching a Dory in the surf is enough to bring adrenaline and smiles to light any day, and Jack only took a short swim in the process of the launch. Secured his ball cap and glasses before they slipped completely off his head and never uttered a single not-printable word in spite of being soaked head to toe. First such swim I have witnessed, and honestly relieved that it was Jack instead of me.

catching rock fish fly fishing on the oregon coast

Pushed the Dory through the surf about 6:30 AM. By 7:40 we were towing the boat up the ramp, limits of Black Rocks in the fish box, and heading for scones and coffee. These fish are a lot of fun fishing 7-8 wt rods with sinking lines. On this trip, I fished an Air flo Ridge Striper T-7, a 7 wt. Echo 3 Saltwater fly rod, and an Echo ION 6/7. If I had planned on silvers or kings I would probably have reached for an 8 or 9 wt rod with an ION 8-10 reel.


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4 Responses to Rockfish and Dory action on the Oregon coast

  1. Marty Glista says:

    Great story for Midwestern flatlanders to drool over. Thank you for sharing the experience.
    Question: I looked at the shop’s listing for the Echo Ion reel. Am I the only one who sees the Air Jordan logo on the hub? What’s up with that?


  2. Two Dogs says:

    Hey there, nice to see you back in your element(s). Let’s see, you talked briefly about the wet guy, went over the tackle but flew over completely
    what kind of fly you used. So what’s the deal? We know it’s not Power Bait cause we can see the big glob of pink. Glad you had fun. So, maybe a word or two on wtat you caught the fish on. Thanks. – Mitch

  3. Oregon Fly Fishing Blog says:

    Well, as you figured, that fly was NOT a standard Rockfish fly, but a Pink Squidro! Those fish seemed to LOVE the dangly rubbery legs. And please, no comparisons to a Hoochie. The Squidro is a genuine fly (ha ha) not some molded plastic gizmo. Anyway, now I have one more reason to tie these things. And what if i could tie a Sqidro that was about 12″ long? What great deep sea monsters might that fly lure to the boat? JN

  4. Oregon Fly Fishing Blog says:

    That logo is our buddy Tim Rajeff in his “long haul” cast position. Can’t say that I am familiar with Nike Waders, but I’m a dedicated “fan” of Simms already, so I figure – no harm, no foul. JN

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