Sticky Sculpin Fly Tying Video

Bruce Berry of Pro Tube Fly Systems demonstrates how to tie really cool sculpin pattern on a Pro Tube Micro Tube.

Sticky Sculpin:
Hook: Pro Micro Tube Orange
Hook Guide: Small/Trout #6,#8, Large/Steelhead #2, #4
Weight: Bullet Weight Large/ Drop Weight 4mm
Body: U.V. Polar Chenille Olive/ 4 turns
Wing: Olive Variant Rabbit Strip/ Taper Cut
1st Collar: Olive Barred Brown Marabou/ 2 pieces
2nd Collar: Orange Dyed Guinea/ Oversized 2-3 turns
Pectoral Fins: Natural Partridge Feathers
Head: Olive Dyed Spinning Hair/ 1 medium clump spun and trimmed
Alternate colors: Purple, Red/Wine, Black, Tan

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