Tiger Hunting with Fly Rod

Our friend Rick Bocko has been at it again. Pressing the edges of his trout fishing gear. Thanks for the report Rick, I look forward to showing you that 8wt and bite wire.

Tiger muskie

On a recent weekend camping trip to Mayfield Lake, WA, while fishing for stocked trout averaging 12-15″, I was shocked to hook into and eventually land a 44″ tiger muskie. The state of Washington stocks the lake with these muskies in order to keep trash fish under control. The lake is crystal clear and you can sight fish for these toothie monsters in the shallows. The fish watching can be as good as the catching, and a whole lot easier. In two evenings of fishing, I managed to cast to 12 fish, was able to hook four and land two. I guess I need to learn about steel tippets. Fish were hooked on black wooly bugger, 4″ black bunny leech, and a carey special. Trout fishing if great fun, but for a change of pace you might think about tiger hunting with that fly rod.

fly fishing for tiger muskie

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3 Responses to Tiger Hunting with Fly Rod

  1. Rob R says:

    “Trash fish?” Nice.

  2. Mark K says:

    Nice fish! I’m sure they are a blast on the fly rod. Did you release them?

  3. Mike T says:

    Next time you head up there stop in and talk to Mike Sturza at Lost Creek Fly in Onalaska. He’s been very successful on Mayfield, good guy as well.

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