McKenzie and Willamette River Reports

McKenzie River Rainbow Trout

The McKenzie and Willamette Rivers have dropped considerably of late and are in fine shape for fishing. Warmer weather has brought about some excellent hatches and fishing has been good throughout both river systems. Nymphing has been consistently effective but dry fly fishing has really picked up.

The Lower McKenzie and into the lower Willamette has been seeing Pale Morning Dun’s Little Yellow Stones, small Caddis, Pink Ladies, and even some March Browns still hanging around. Best fly patterns include: Pale Morning Dun Klinkhammer, Tup’s Indispensable, Sparkle Dun PMD, CDC Green McKenzie Caddis, Peacock Caddis, Parachute March Brown, Yellow Soft Hackles and Quigley’s Sparkle Flag in PMD and Pink.

The Middle McKenzie Blue River to Leaburg Dam has seen a decent Golden Stone emergence as well as good numbers of Green McKenzie Caddis and Green Drakes. Best Patterns include: CDC Green McKenzie Caddis, Half Down Golden Stoneflies, Parachute Adams, Quigley’s Victory Green Drakes and Possie Buggers.


The Upper McKenzie from Ollalie Creek to Blue River remains cold but fish in that part of the river are used to it. Green Drakes, Golden Stones and small caddis are the predominant bugs. Best patterns include: Half Down Golden Stones, Parachute Adams, Colorado Green Drake, Double Bead Peacock Nymphs, Possie Buggers, and Elk Hair Caddis Brown and Tan.

The Middle Fork of the Willamette has come down nicely of late as well. It seems as though some of the tributaries are starting to see consistent flow reduction. Golden Stones, Little Yellow Stones, Pale Morning Duns and Caddis are all present on the Middle fork: Best Patterns include: McKees Rubber Legged Stone, Mega Prince, Half Down Golden, Parachute Purple Rooster, PMD Klinkhammer and Silvey’s Yellow Sally.

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