Lower Mckenzie Warming Up

Stevens Fish

The Lower Mckenzie has been steady in producing some fine native redsides. The top producer this week has been the mighty Mega Prince. The river has continued to drop to very fishable levels and we should begin to enjoy “normal angling conditions.”

The forecasted warmer weather the next few days should increase insect activity and perhaps produce some results for both surface and sub surface anglers. The warm weather will also bring out the usual number of folks enjoying the river and not strictly angling. The River Rescue Team has been way too busy hauling boats out of the section above Bellingers Landing…let’s be safe and aware out there! Enjoy the coming warm weather!

Lou and Mongo Take 1

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4 Responses to Lower Mckenzie Warming Up

  1. Noah Schoenholtz says:

    that verdugo kid needs a haircut

  2. marc robershaw says:

    Caught 3 the other day between Bellinger and Hayden bridge. One was a planter, have they started stocking that section?. Missed a bright redside on a dry. Still kicking myself.

  3. Arlen says:

    No stocking in that section, but a substantial number move down from upstream.

  4. Joe J says:

    Over memorial day, should I float the McKenzie or Dechuttes?

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