Comparadun Klinkhammer March Brown Fly Tying Video

Using the new Daiichi 1167 Klinkhammer hook Barrett demonstrates how to tie a killer March Brown pattern. The fly is highly visible, floats well and yet sits down in the film like an emerging, or crippled March Brown adult. The Klinkhammer March Brown has become one of the best dries to use during the March Brown hatch the past couple of years.


Comparadun Klinkhammer March Brown

Hook: Daiichi 1167 #12,14
Thread: 95 Lagartun Rusty Brown
Tail: Hackle Fibers Brown
Dorsal Surface: Turkey Quill
Body: Awesome Possum Dub
Rib: Small Copper Wire
Wing: Elk Hair
Hackle: March Brown Dyed Grizzly

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  1. Connor mccullough says:

    Im going on a trip up to the Machenzie for fly fishing 2 days after my birthday. I hope i have a good trip:)

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