Eugene Spring Fly Fishing Festival

Paul had a blast this year at the Eugene Spring Fly Fishing Festival, hosted by the McKenzie Fly Fishers and Cascade Family Fly Fishers. We spent some time with Arlen of Bugwater fame, checking out an aquarium full of McKenzie River denizens — including big stonefly nymphs, clinger drakes and a bunch of caddis larvae. Arlen had even hatched a few of the McKenzie’s salmon fly adults. Paul held one of the huge Pteronarcys californica and it was probably the highlight of his day.

Spring Fly Fishing Fest -- Arlen

Spring Fly Fishing Fest -- Arlen

Spring Fly Fishing Fest -- knots

Spring Fly Fishing Fest -- Stevie B

We also tied up a good lucking wooly worm, learned how to tie knots, and then spent some time on the trout pond with Stevie B. It was a great use of hatchery fish, and if we’re really trying to build fishing opportunity for young people, then ODFW should start planting the Campbell Senior Center every weekend instead of putting them in the river.

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