Trout Fishing Local Waters With Mom

Fishing the middle fork of the willamette

Whether it is swinging for winters on the North Umpqua or local trout fishing, my Mom always has a good time and our most recent trip on the MFW was no different . We knew that the conditions would not be optimal as the water levels were rising fast and a tributary was putting in some serious color. The expertise of the angler made up for the clarity with precise drifts and swift hook sets. Way to go Mom!

willamette wild trout

The McKenzie and Willamette Rivers are very high today, be careful out there. Nymph with large Stonefly Nymphs coupled with a Mega Prince, Beadhead Hare’s Ears and Pheasant Tails.

High water on the mac


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2 Responses to Trout Fishing Local Waters With Mom

  1. themostdangerousanimal says:

    Time after time she out fishes the so-called “pros.” Nice work, Jane!

  2. John Madert says:

    Pic of Mom bowed-up with a smile … way good.

    My daughter rarely fishes, but when she’s out with me she catches the first fish, the
    largest fish, and the most species … every time.

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