Grannom Blizzards and Big Nymphs

Great fly fishing on the McKenzie River yesterday, despite blizzard grannom caddis hatches. Be on the look out the next few days for ridiculous numbers of tan, charcoal, and black caddisflies sizes #14-18 in huge swarms. This hatch can be frustrating. The fish aren’t hungry and you’re eating bugs all day too. But it tapers off in the next few weeks.

We convinced some native rainbow trout with big meals — golden stonefly and megaprince nymph imitations ruled the day.

McKenzie River Fly Fishing

McKenzie River Fly Fishing

FYI: For a great Mothers Day Caddis Grannom imitation, check out Barrett’s P90X Caddis.

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3 Responses to Grannom Blizzards and Big Nymphs

  1. Stevie says:

    Thanks for the report and great pictures.

    I saw a massive stonefly adult fluttering on the water yesterday. I was getting some smaller ‘bows and cutts on MB dries…anyone fishing big dries?

    Cheers, Stevie

  2. Neal says:

    Those big stoneflies can be found this time of year. Pinned a very large stonefly nymph (2″) and am keeping one in the aquarium, makes you realize why those mega prince nymphs are so productive.

  3. D.L. says:

    I got caught in the hatch on the 9th & 10th, the fish were so stuffed on caddis that my hair caddis drys had no appeal, ended up catching some on #12 coachman soft hackles. Did see some large salmon flys emerge, but forgot to bring any with me.

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