Fire Tiger Kingtruders

Monday night is party night around here. Tuesday through Friday can get pretty silly, too. And party nights in Eugene often involve feverish fly tying. We drink too much, we smoke & chew too much, we re-tell our favorite fish stories, and we argue like teenage geeks over various subtleties of our so-called sport. Somehow it rolls along amicably. And somehow we manage to be productive. Makes no sense, but it works out that way. Call it “collective inspiration.”

One recent evening brought some extra-special inspiration, a sudden flash of clarity, the result of an experiment fueled by necessity. I had run out of saddle hackle and was scrounging through everyone else’s materials. The only saddle on the table was chartreuse–well outside my preferred color scheme. But, left with no choice, I went with the bright green saddle, palmering a feather over a base of fluorescent orange Lagartun braided tinsel. Not bad! Then I tied in a clump of bright orange deer hair, followed by a dubbing loop of fluorescent red arctic fox.


“It’s the Fire Tiger!” I said. I might have yelled a little. It looked amazing!

A royal blue Ostrich hackle and a sexy pair of cerise hen hackles for the shell-back completed the spectrum, and pulled the whole thing together. The geek-o-meter was pegged out, and I was losing my mind over the sweet new combo.

So where, you might ask, is all this hogwash headed? Well, in honor of the most excellent Native Fish Society, I spent the next several days creating a series of six Fire Tiger Kingtruders. And this outrageous, one-of-a-kind, never to be duplicated set of chinook flies will be on display, and up for bid, at this year’s benefit banquet. So get your ticket now, and help support grassroots activism on behalf of wild fish, and wild rivers. Home waters require vigilance, and you can help!


Chinook image courtesy of Wildfish Studios, Miguel Morejohn, photographer.



Homewaters Require Vigilance
16th Annual Benefit Banquet & Auction
Saturday, April 14, 2012, 5:00 PM

For more information, call: 503-496-0806

Click here to register online.

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4 Responses to Fire Tiger Kingtruders

  1. Rich Youngers says:

    Rob, Those are stunning!!!!!!!!!!! You are a talented individual.


  2. Shahab says:

    Sexy flies…. will hunt!

  3. Sam says:


  4. Miguel says:

    beautiful modern classics. springers won’t be able to keep there beaks shut!
    bravo amigo…cool backdrop.

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