Spey Iron Winter Steelhead Fly Series – Super Skunk Fly Tying Video

The Super Skunk fly was born from the simple fact that I could not find a bright red Arctic Fox Tail to suit my discerning eye. I wanted a tail that would “pop” on a chartreuse tipped winter steelhead fly.

This is a wet fly that shows itself off nicely and will draw fish from some distance, if they are in the mood to leave their holding place. Hot Orange, Chartreuse, and black are winning colors in any steelhead fly, and this a nice blend to show the fish and tempt them to eat on the swing.

This is a fly that I would fish under moderately dirty winter flows, say, when the color is trending to the clearing side of a solid steelhead green.

Jay Nicholas
February 2012

Spey Iron Winter Steelhead Fly Series – Super Skunk

Hook: Alec Jackson Heavy Spey Irons #3 Nickel or gold
Thread: Lagartun 95D Black
Tinsel Rib: Lagartun Oval gold, small
Tail: Eumer Arctic Fox, Hot Orange, edged with Hot Orange Krystal Flash
Rear-body: Hareline Ice Dub – Fl. Chartreuse
Hackle: Whiting Coq De Leon Saddle feather
Wing; Eumer Arctic Fox Tail – Black, topped with Hot Orange Krystal Flash

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