“Winter’s Not Just For Steelheading”

Water conditions are back to ideal for trout and Steelhead. The weather has been mild, we are pretty lucky to have year round fishing opportunities.

Rick Bocko sent us this report from this past Weekend.

Rick Bockos Winter Report

Recently my fishing ventures have included attempts to catch the elusive Winter Steelhead. Alas, winter steel escaped me again last weekend. Thankfully the Eugene area is home to some wonderful Winter fishing opportunities, for fish that are more cooperative and can still put up a great fight on a 4 wt. rod. Though the coastal fish skunked me, there was comfort in visiting with the resident trout of the Cascade side of town”


rick bockos winter report 2

P.S.: the biggest trout caught on size 20 green beadhead zebra midge, trailing a Gus Bugger; the second biggest trout took a size 18 BWO looking nymph/emerger trailing an ultra wire golden stonefly nymph.

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