Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing Class with John Larison

Sign up now for a winter steelhead fly fishing class with John Larison, January 3rd, 6:30 to 8:00pm.

John Larison Fish Shot

The Oregon coast is quickly becoming the epicenter of winter steelhead fly fishing. New innovations in two-handed rods and lines are allowing anglers of all casting abilities to swing flies within striking distance of our super-charged steelhead, which average 10 pounds and regularly exceed 15. Join steelhead guide and author John Larison as he shares his strategies for finding and hooking steelhead with swung flies on Oregon’s unique coastal rivers.

Topics will include:

-Locating aggressive fish
-Matching your line and tip to the holding water
-Selecting the right fly for the conditions
-Steering your fly to produce the fishiest swing
-Tips for landing these powerful fish with two-handed rods.

Bio: John Larison is Fly Fisherman’s Northwest Field Editor and the author of three books on steelheading, including the best-selling Complete Steelheader. He writes Fly Fisherman’s Spey Today blog, where he reviews the latest innovations in rod and line designs. He’s also the Native Fish Society’s River Steward for the Siletz, and a year-round steelhead guide and spey casting instructor. He can be reached at his web site.

Call the shop to sign up for the class or for more details (541) 342-7005. Cost is $30.

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  1. Troy Pearse says:

    Larison’s Complete Steelheader book is the best I’ve read. Especially on presentations. I would love to take a class like this, if it ever happens again!

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