Fifty steelhead fly patterns

This week we’re updating the fly tying pages where we collect all of our videos. We started with the most pressing subject: steelhead fly patterns. At this point, we’ve tied, videotaped, and posted around fifty patterns, collected on this page.

Intruder Fly Tying Madness

So crack open a beer, unzip a bag of jerky and get on the vise. Look for updates to our trout, saltwater and salmon patterns pages coming this week.


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3 Responses to Fifty steelhead fly patterns

  1. A. Moore says:

    Seeeeriously the best resource there is I know of. Thanks Matt, Jay, RR and the whole merry band of fruity freaks.

  2. Fishkamp says:

    Thanks for gathering these all together!!

    Just in time! I just got into the first coastal winter steelhead of the season. Check it out:

  3. Mark Patenaude says:

    Starts out as a mess and turns out as 50 things of beauty. I’d be freaking out if my bench looked like that. I’m a neat freak. Well done fellas.

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