Avalon Crab Fly Tying Video


The Avalon Crab fly is said to have been responsible for more Permit being caught than any other fly in the world over the past 15 years. It does have quite a bit going for it, with moving claws and snapping beads it does draw the fishes attention. In this video Barrett ties a size 2 which is ideal for a Permit focused pattern. Give it a shot in some smaller sizes for Bonefish or Permit on your next Saltwater trip.


Avalon Crab Fly

Hook: S12S Gamakatsu # 2
Thread: Lagartun 150x Rusty Orange
Tail: UV Steelhead Stalkers Yarn Orange
Legs: Crazy Legs Pumpkin Purple Flake
Rattle: 20lbs Mono and Gold beads
Body: Diamond Braid Bonefish Tan
Claws/Legs: Brown Barred Rabbit Strips Tan
Eyes: Painted Lead Eyes Yellow.

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