Tying The Bleeding Gills Clouser Minnow

The Bleeding Gills Clouser Tube Fly drives Salmon of all sorts wild, it absolutely “flings a craven on them!” Jay Nicholas discusses the merits of tube clousers, colors combos for baitfish, and adding a red spot for bleeding gills on your Clouser Minnows.

Bleeding Gills Clouser Minnow

Tube: Pro Tube Flexi Tube 40/40
Thread: Ultra Thread U140 White
Eyes: Painted lead Eyes Large
Belly: DNA Holo Fusion White
Gills: Chinese Red Uni-Yarn
Dorsal/Wing: Blue, Forest Green and Red Bucktail
Topping/Back: Mixed Colors Krystal Flash

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  1. That’s a cool little pattern! I need to experiment with some tubes.

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