Labor Day report from Idaho’s Lost River Valley


A family tradition continued this Labor Day from Ketchum Idaho. Wagon Days, bike riding, fly fishing, and dining near Ketchum makes for a great weekend getaway.










We tried some smaller water this year both the North Fork and East fork of the Big Lost River provided some fine fishing.

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8 Responses to Labor Day report from Idaho’s Lost River Valley

  1. Greg Thomas says:

    Great pics. One of my favorite places on earth. Lived in SV for six years and ran over Lost Trail a lot. What a beautiful piece of the West. Thanks for sharing and bringing back some great memories for me.

  2. gregH says:

    Great pics Chris!!

  3. Rob R says:


  4. Chuck Y says:

    Great photos Chris. I will be there in three weeks. Hope you didn’t spook off all the fish over there. It is a special place.

  5. Rich Youngers says:

    My wife and I used to do the Labor Day trip to Ketchum for the Wagon Days and also to fish hoppers on Silver Creek. Thanks for sharing pics of your trip.


  6. Matt Siegmund says:

    Holy crap! how big is that cuttie in the first pic?

  7. Ryan Doering says:

    Great pics. That is such a beautiful area.

  8. kevin maier says:

    Hey Chris,
    Man, your kids are getting big! I moved from Eugene to Juneau AK in 2006ish, so I guess it’s been a while. Anyway, I just discovered the blog after a friend posted it to facebook. Beautiful work, makes me miss the Oregon fishing–and the high desert. Thanks for pictures.


    PS where can i find the sasquatch footage?

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