Time for Sea Run Cutthroat in Oregon

An early morning departure for chasing one of the great mystics of the fall; Sea Runs, blue backs, or harvest trout began this month. On the possibility of a cloudy morning, I headed off with great expectations of a solid day chasing Sea Runs. Called what you want, this challenging and very unpredictable fishery has begun to infiltrate our coastal waters. Rivers such as the Alsea, Siletz, Siuslaw, and Nestucca are providing early reports of Sea Runs. Although we have had no rain, Sea Run anglers get a bit twisted in the thought process and start to think of cloudy drizzle days on the coast.

Bluebacks 002

The current forecasts are for clear sunny/warm days and this trip sadly provided full sun, and little cloud cover. Note above photo with blue sky reflection on the water surface. The fish was caught on the shady side of the river with the infamous Borden Special.

Bluebacks 010

When our fall weather decides to return, the Sea Runs should be plentiful for those who head for the coastal streams. The Borden Special has proven to be very productive. Created in 1961 by Bob Borden, the Borden Special was originally designed for fishing sea-runs on the Siletz River. This shrimp-colored pattern has proven to be very effective for hooking up on Coho Salmon as well as Summer Steelhead. Borden’s fly is a must-have for anglers chasing Sea Runs. In addition to being a famous angler and fly tyer, Bob Borden is also the owner of Hareline Dubbin Inc., located in Monroe, Oregon.


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2 Responses to Time for Sea Run Cutthroat in Oregon

  1. Mike says:

    Guys! I need to get into some of these guys this fall. If you had to pick one spot to set your sights on coming from Portland OR what would it be? I have walked along the Wilson and Nehalem a bit to scout it out but just the thought of where to go is too much!!

  2. Island fisher says:

    Nice fish, i love fishing sea-runs up in puget sound, i’ve caught sea-runs over 5 pounds once or twice, theres one hole I fish which has produced over twenty fish in a day.

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