Slow Day At Crane

Crane 014

Lou and Jim T. headed off to Crane Prairie early this week and found the fishing to be slow. An early morning arrival on the water (6:30am) provided a very special view of the morning mist evaporating off the lake. The strange thing about this trip; we saw no other boats until about 10:30am. It was as if we did not get the memo that the fishing was going to be slow. We used indicators and casting/stripping for most of the day. Jim brought along a few chironomids to make sure we could cover any type of color, size, or shape. Frankly, it was almost embarrassing to pull out my mixed box of lake fly’s and hold them next to Jim’s box.
Crane 022

We did manage to find one suicidal brook trout which at least made us think more fish were coming. However, it was not to be. It was one of those days were we watched eagles soar, osprey hunting, and enjoyed the great views from the lake.

Crane 020

Crane 018

Jim did offer the suggestion to go to another lake. However, Lou kept on saying “It only takes one Cranebow to make the day!” Well, not this day, but we will return….in October!

Crane 023


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3 Responses to Slow Day At Crane

  1. Billy McK says:

    Been tying flies during office hours Jim? hahaha

  2. steve blood says:

    beautiful pictures…interesting read…thats some fly box!!

  3. Riverwalker says:

    Lou, know how you feel. I met Jim last June in the Crane parking lot one cold morning. When we compared killer lake flies I was humbled by Jim’s beautiful collection of midges and damsels. That day ended a little different for me though, at noon I caught a 25 in cranebow and then 15 min later caught a 27 incher. Made my summer. Riverwalker.
    PS saw some killer searuns last week of aug. in tide water. You know where I live.

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