Get Extra Terrestrial: It’s hopper time

If you head up into the way backwoods of the Cascades and get close to the river and watch and listen to the hoppers springing out of the grass, you’ll hear the big trout smacking their lips. They’re huge, they’re obnoxious, they’re irresistible. And they’re all over our watersheds for the next couple months.


Trout Fishing

Trout Fishing

Excellent patterns include: Dave Whitlock Spun Deer Hopper, Morrish’s Golden Hopper, and other leggy abominations in the terrestrial bin.

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6 Responses to Get Extra Terrestrial: It’s hopper time

  1. mike doughty says:

    i love hopper season but the problem is sometimes it’s hard for me to throw them when it’s always streamer time. i do my best to spread them out evenly.

  2. Jay Hanson says:

    What is the name of the hopper in the upper right of the first picture?
    You should do a video tutorial on that one!

  3. JGR says:

    I just love the late summer hopper appearance because these flies are so much fun to tie.

  4. David Swart says:

    Love the late summer hopper/dropper season,love using a Turks Trantula,Ugly Rudamus,or 1 of my own foam hopper ties,with a small (#14-16) nymph off the bend,tight lines.

  5. Laramie Bradbury says:

    I love fishing Hoppers! That is good to know, moved to Portland a year ago but haven’t fished yet! Plan to go this weekend to Clackamas, cant wait. Any response from fishing the mouse?

  6. Oregon Fly Fishing Blog says:

    Tiny Mouse and big fish should go together? JN

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