Local Waters in Great Shape and Fishing Well


The McKenzie River has dropped into nice condition of late and the Middle Fork of the Willamette had a day or two under 2000 CFS last week. Warmer water and air temperatures have spurned more insect activity of late.

Last Wednesday the Middle Fork was down to 1100 CFS out of Hills Creek, an excellent level, and one we haven’t seen in quite some time. Green McKenzie Caddis, Brown Caddis and Golden Stoneflies were emerging throughout the day. Although the fish did not get on the surface in a big way they did eat the Possie Bugger and Golden Stone Nymph under a thingamabobber all day long, fishing was excellent. There were more Green Caddis out that day than I have seen in a long time. Unfortunatly the river jacked right back up to 2000 CFS out of Hills Creek a day later. Watch for the Middle Fork to come down again and for fishing to be great.

Thursday was back to the upper McKenzie where fishing in the morning was excellent on Possie Buggers and Mega Prince Nymphs. The Half Down Golden did bring a few fish to the surface but the nymph show was consistent.

Saturday we floated a tributary to the upper McKenzie, not recomended boating. I nearly had my head taken off by a downed log that was bridging the river. With my brother in laws fancy new raft we were able to slide under it. By the way the Stream Tech Raft is easily the best fishing raft I have ever rowed. If you are looking for one check out this video.





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5 Responses to Local Waters in Great Shape and Fishing Well

  1. South Fork McKenzie? Nice!

  2. David Jensen says:

    I am all for keeping some fishing secrets, but this log is a real safety concern. The photos look to be the South Fork. Can you say how far below your put in at the dam you encountered the log? There is a lower put in just up from Bruckhart Bridge which might be OK if the log is high up. Other than this massive log, any other dangers on the South Fork?

  3. Oregon Fly Fishing Blog says:

    No secrets David, South Fork it is. I would say 1.75 miles below. A bunch of braids at the bottom end can also create some issues. CD

  4. Byrd Nelson says:

    Thanks for the report. See ya on the River!!!

  5. Lance Hardwood says:

    I have done this drift a few times. The fishing can be good, but it is not for your casual boater. Unless you absolutely have your shit together, do not attempt the SF from the dam down, old growth blockage notwithstanding, particularly in a hard boat.

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