Burkheimer Fly Rods at the Caddis Fly, May 26th…

Whitney Gould, Burkheimer Pro Staff   . . . . . .

Unfortunately, Whitney will not be leading our Burkheimer Demo Day. Sorry Nate, we love ya but we would sure like to see Whitney here at the Shop someday too. And yes, I am not above a little sensationalism. This is gong to be a great event, and an excellent way to roll into the long weekend. And for anyone who feels the urge to hang a nice Saracione fly reel on a Burkheimer fly rod, I’ll bring a few for anyone to check out.

Anyway, on the eve of the Memorial Day weekend, all you fly fishing persons are cordially invited to drop by the Caddis Fly Shop where our friend Nate Koenigsknecht will be hosting an official Burkheimer fly rod event. We are gonna have a wheelbarrow load of Burkheimer fly rods to show off, slam a reel on, cast in the parking lot, and maybe, just maybe, take a drive to the river and cast.

There’s a lot more that goes into a Burkie than cork.

It requires Graphite cloth too, and lots of it.

And there is most likely some glue involved.

Kerry Burkheimer? He makes Spey rods, right? Well, yes, but Kerry Burkheimer and his staff. Make a ton of trout rods too. And flats rods. And genuine Blue water fly rods. This is one of the great secrets here in the steelhead obsessed pacific Northwest area, where we can’t imagine that Burkheimer is a most prized companion on Idaho and Montana Spring Creeks and Rocky Mountain boulder strewn trout lairs.

Kerry builds flats fly rods for bonefish and permit that are specifically designed for change-of-direction casting at close range. You know, you are looking off in the distance to spot those cruising trophies and whoa, there they are, about 30 feet away, on the opposite side of the boat.

Look at this order list…. See any Spey rods here?

Kerry is a master of rod design, I mean he designs fly rods that will perform specific functions in specific places for each customer.

Gosh I love seeing all those neat fly rod sections all lined up and ready to be guided.

This is where they put the heat to the sticks. Humble oven, yes, but it gets the job done rite nice.

Anyone know what DAL means? Come on down to the Shop on May 26 and you’ll learn what Kerry Burkheimer means when he talks about DAL actions.

BTW, Nate is a casting instructor for the CF Burkheimer Spey Schools, and a member of the CF Burkheimer Advisory Staff. Nate is also a steelhead guide on the Clackamas, North Oregon Coast and Deschutes rivers.

Hope to see you there on Thursday afternoon!


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