Upside Down Golden Stone Fly Tying Video

It won’t be long before Salmon Flies and Golden Stones are making their annual emergence on the Deschutes River. In this video Barrett demonstrates how to tie an Upside Down Golden Stone. When some of your favorite aren’t getting the job done during the hatch try something with a completely different look.

This pattern also works on the Metolius, McKenzie, Middle Fork of the Willamette and many other waters where Golden Stones reside.

Upside Down Golden Stone

Upside Down Golden Stone

Hook: TMC 200R 6-10 Daiichi 1270 6-10
Thread: Ultra Thread U140 Hopper Yellow
Tail: Med Round Rubber Dk. Golden Stone
Body: Thin Fly Foam 2mm Gold
UnderWing: Gold McFlylon
Overwing: Elk Hair
Legs: Med Round Rubber Dk. Golden Stone

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  1. Gerald Newell says:

    Where can I buy this fly or the material to tie??

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