Native Fish Society Doors Closed?

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Yes, but only because . . . . . . Hah! Got ya, if only for a minute. I dropped by the NFS office in Oregon City yesterday to say hello to a few of my friends, and found the place locked and shuttered. No wonder. Only four days away for their most awesome wild fish party of the year, naturally, the Native Fish crew were out and about making last minute pick-ups of Auction donations.

Amazing fly fishing toys that will be up for bid include Saracione fly reels, a Karstetter Bamboo Steelhead rod, and a truck load of the world’s finest fly rods, reels, lines, complete fly fishing combos, flies, art, and oh my goodness – – – – – – my mind is spinning as I go down the list.

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Forget, for just a minute, the toys, girls and boys, because the list of donated fly fishing destinations, guided trips, time with iconic fishing/conservation “characters”, wining/dining, fly tying, and family centered get-aways is equally astounding. From Alaska, BC, the Deschutes, McKenzie, Northern CA, Oregon coast, Clack, and beyond – there is a long list of “dream” trips that will make your head spin in anticipation.

The Native Fish Society is dedicated to championing wild, native fish. I won’t repeat mission statements or any of that stuff here, but anyone who knows NFS folks understands that they are passionate advocates of wild fish and the future of these amazing creatures. The party and the auction will make a big splash, but it’s really the day -to-day passion of the NFS membership that our wild fish depend on. After all, the fish can’t be at the Banquet, so we will just have to celebrate for them. I’ll be at the Banquet with Lisa and Jackson, and we’ll have a great time making the rounds with our many new and old time friends.

Yes folks, this banquet, the 15th annual event, will be a celebration to remember for years to come. Saturday, April 9, 2011; Montgomery Park, 2701 NW Vaughn St., Portland, Oregon. Make yer reservation right fast, now, because if you don’t you’ll be standing out in the foyer listening to the party inside.

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The Native Fish Society Office phone is 503 496 0807. Tom or Mark might answer the phone if they are not busy making last minute arrangements. Or simply log on at their website to make your last minute reservation for the party.

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