Ice Dub X-Caddis Fly Tying Video

The X-Caddis is one of our favorite Caddis patterns. It is especially effective in flat water, eddies and banks where selective trout are gobbling small Caddis. The pattern was originated by Craig Matthews of West Yellowstone fame and continues to prove itself wherever Caddis species are present. In this video Barrett uses Ice Dub instead of the original Antron dubbing material. This is a pretty “quick and easy” pattern that belongs in the box of all Western Trout Anglers.

Ice Dub Caddis

UV Tan Ice Dub X-Caddis

Hook: TMC 100 or Daiichi 1180 #14-18
Thread: Ultra Thread 70 Denier Black
Shuck/Tail: Sparkle Emerger Yarn
Body: UV Ice Dub Tan
Wing: Compardun Deer Natural

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