Fly fishing blog links worth reading, Superbowl edition

As a Cleveland Browns fan, I didn’t have a lot going on last night. So I rounded up the best of the fly fishing blogosphere for your enjoyment.

From our pals at Moldy Chum, just one more reason hatchery fish suck. They’re slow. Oh, and… Cutest. Fish bio. Ever?

Best fly pattern of 2011 so far: Fat Guy Fly Fishing’s Pepperidge Farm Golden Baitfish. Designed to catch drunks lounging around FGFF headquarters, Alex says toddlers will take this fly, though the action, even on 2wt-3wt is lacking. They mostly just flop around. It is akin to throwing pellet flies for stockers, it works but there is really no sport.

I think it would be great for carp. But don’t take my word for it. Check in with Oregon’s resident carp-man John Montana, who’s back to frequent blogging with a new site design. I’ve been working on roping John into coming down to do a carp class in Eugene, either at the shop or as part of a TU meeting. Give him a little encouragement in the comments section if you’re interested.

Apparently, Jesse James is making fly reels. Who cares? Nobody. But this is probably the funniest commentary on the matter that I’ve seen. I’m sure the guys at Nautilus are shaking in their boots.

More links!

Crazy Canadians Chromer Sportfishing 2010 photo slideshow

The absolutely most amazing fly fishing photo blog ever

And Apocalype’s take on La Niña and West Coast fishing conditions

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  1. Mike says:

    …. so I wasnt the only one decked out in my Browns jersey, watching the Superbowl?? Right on! 🙂

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