James’s first winter steelhead

From our pal James: I stopped into the shop on Thurs planning to hit the Alsea early Friday. Lou set me up with some egg patterns and I told him I’d let you guys know how it went. After 5 hours fishing, this fish (pic attached) slammed my rig while I was nymphing a few miles down from the hatchery. Cleared the water about 6 times. To say we surprised each other would be an understatement. After 5 years of buying harvest tags it feels good to fill it out… this hatchery fish is in the fridge now!

Winter Steelhead

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6 Responses to James’s first winter steelhead

  1. Steve says:

    Look at that smile!!! Says it all!!

  2. Matt Siegmund says:

    Nice bright fish, congrats!

  3. gregH says:

    Very nice fish – well done!! Hey – looks like Lou is passing off those “reed leaches” as egg patterns again…

  4. Rob R says:

    Great fish and great smile!

  5. David Jensen says:

    Very cool story and picture! I was there, but way lower, Wednesday. The fantastic thing about these Alsea fish is that they are, like James’, mint bright. I don’t think there are large numbers of fish there right now, but they will bite flies. We used Lowly Glowlies, and egg patterns similar to what Lou recommended. Anyway, don’t go unless you are going out the next few days. Too cold, roads too much ice, etc. Rest these fish. I’ll be back Monday.

  6. Scott says:

    Are we having fun! I think so.

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