Now would be a good time to get on the river

A little sprinkling of rain, dropping river levels, and sassy wild steelhead rolling in on every tide — this is my kind of winter. Yesterday, I perfected the drift-free drag, sloppy indicator fly fishing at its best which produced this gorgeous native specimen from one of our local hatchery-fed ditches.

oregon winter steelhead

I’m really into Ultra Violet fly tying materials right now. UV materials give me a bit of a confidence edge, which keeps my flies in the water longer, which catches more fish. I’ve been incorporating Hareline’s UV Ice Dub and UV polar chenille into my indicator patterns. Look for a full post on UV fly tying materials soon. For now, get out and fish!

oregon winter steelhead

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  1. Clint says:

    A very nice looking wild fish from the hatchery fed ditch.

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