Weigh in with ODFW on fisheries issues January 4th in Salem

Tuesday, January 4th, 6-9pm the Inland Sports Fishing Advisory Committee will host an “All Come” meeting in the Commission room at the ODFW Salem HQ. Director Roy Elicker, along with Fish Division Administrators, Program Managers, ODFW Fish Management staff and Oregon State Police will be at this “Town Hall” meeting. There will not be specific agenda items slated for discussion, however staff may propose some budget or management overviews to get public comment on current fishery management or department issues. All meeting attendees will have an equal opportunity to ask questions of ODFW staff.

ODFW 25-year planning committee meeting in Springfield

So, mark your calendars for January 4th and leave a comment if you’re interested in car pooling from the shop. This is an important opportunity for wild fish advocates.

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3 Responses to Weigh in with ODFW on fisheries issues January 4th in Salem

  1. Snoopy Rodder says:

    I’m in; will kick in some US dollarettes for cheap gasoline. ODFW needs to hear a Snoopy Rodder speak up for native fish in Orygun. Hope the Feds discontinue the Mitchel Act and ruin ODFW’s 25 year plan.

    Who’s the big guy on the left with the cane?

  2. Stevie says:

    Carpool? Put me on the list.

    Thnx, Stevie

  3. Spencer says:

    See y’all there. I’m looking forward to watching the ODFW top brass squirm.

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