Winter steelhead report, slideshow

In between storms many Oregon Rivers have dropped into very fishable shape. The North Fork of the Alsea, Lake Creek, The Siletz, and the South Coast Elk and Sixes are beginning to show signs of a good winter steelhead season. Swinging bright flies and intruder types as well as dead drifting egg patterns have been taking fish. Timing and perseverance are a big part of the equation for winter steelhead fly fishing. When you see the rivers in shape catch them on the drop and put in a long day. This winter is shaping up to be a nasty one and ideal conditions will come and go.

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5 Responses to Winter steelhead report, slideshow

  1. philg says:

    thanks for the beautiful pictures, now i need to fish

  2. Matt says:

    Nice Job Matt, when you going to send me a copy of my picture?

  3. Bob Laskodi says:

    Matt, you may want to check out Animoto at
    Animoto is a pretty cool way to easily make a multimedia presentation of your slides & videos and is fairly inexpensive at $5 for a full screen HD quality video. Get the shop to pay the $5, it’s cheap advertising! I look forward to seeing one of these from you guys. Here is one I recently did on a recent trip to Alaska:

  4. Ryan Doering says:

    Outstanding!!!!!!!! Wish I was there.

  5. Jay Nicholas says:

    Mattster: you had me awesomely mesmerized from the fist shot. Brought back great memories and generated anticipation for the future. Still tingling after running through the show 3 times. Thank you for this gift of rivers, steelhead, friendship and “the hunt”. JN

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