Brian Chan’s Frostbite Chironomid Fly Tying Video

Brian Chan's Frostbite Chironomid

Chironomid fly patterns are deadly in lakes all over the world. Brian Chan’s Frostbite Chironomid is a proven killer. It can be fished under an indicator at depth or fished in tandem with bugger patterns on the strip and dead drift. Be sure to have some Frostbite Chironomids ready for your lake fishing this coming year.

Brian Chan’s Frostbite Chironomid

Hook: TMC 2457 #10-16
Bead: Tungsten Copper or Silver to Match Hook
Tail: Brown Sparkle Emerger Yarn
Rib: Ultra Wire Silver Size Brassie
Abdomen: 1/2 Red Uni Floss and 1/2 Pheasant Fibers
Thorax: Peacock Herl
Gills: Sparkle Emerger Yarn White

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