Incredible Rooster Schlappen Feathers for Fly Tying Found

The feather craze continues, hair extensions, $200 dollar earrings, and last but not least the fly tyer creating 8″ Steelhead Intruders. Barrett flew home to see the family the other day and found something the feather growers of America don’t want us to see. The Schlappen feathers on this bird are over nine feet long. I’ll take 4 in black and 2 in purple, a lifetime of collars and palmering hackles for steelhead flies!

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  1. Cameron D. says:

    Can’t we get a tissue sample to have our own version of Jurassic Park? Or at least get Dr. Whiting to do the dirty work for us. Oh, and I’ll take 3 in blue, 3 in orange, 2 in red, 2 in pink, and 4 in highlander green, plus the aforementioned quantities in black and purple. And I thought I stocked up for the next year at Caddis already. This may be the second most dangerous thing said/shown to me by a fly shop.

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