Ice Dub Pheasant Tail Nymph Fly Tying Video

Ice Dub Pheasant Tail

The Pheasant Tail Nymph is one of the most effective fly patterns in the world. It’s slender body and thorax represent a great variety of Mayfly nymphs. In this fly tying video we have added a new color of Ice Dub to this old stand by pattern. Have these in your box this winter in sizes #16-20 to imitate beatis and other developing Mayfly nymphs. Tie them in #12 and #14 for our annual March Brown emergence.

For more selective trout omit the bead or use a black one. Ice Dub from Hareline Dubbin is our go to dubbing these days. Offered in a huge array of colors and great to work with for nymphs and dries.–CD

Ice Dub Pheasant Tail Nymph
Hook: TMC 3761 12-18
Tungsten Bead: To Match Hook size
Thread: UNi 8/0 Dark Brown
Tail: Pheasant Tail Fibers
Rib: Copper or Amber Brassie Wire
Abdomen: Pheasant Tail Fibers
WingCase: Pheasant Tail Fibers
Legs: Life Flex
Thorax: Pheasant Tail Ice Dub

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  1. David Swart says:

    Who say’s you can’t teach an old dog /pattern a new trick, like the use of newer age mixed with old school materials, like my pheasant tail in natural color also olive, black, red, & started tying purple ones for still water, & river/small stream fishing.

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