Rob’s fly fishing book and DVD picks for the holidays

When I was a kid, my family presented me with a new hardbound flyfishing book every Christmas. Those books became the foundation of my flyfishing universe, and I still cherish every one of those books today. I don’t think there’s a better gift for a young angler than a good flyfishing book, even in the modern age of electronic media.

Flyfishing films can inspire us in the same way. Remember the first time you saw Lani Waller hook a Skeena steelhead in his classic 3M films? I get goose bumps when I think about it! Well, today’s up-and-coming anglers can take virtual trips to almost any great fishery in the world, and production values have come a long way.

It’s a dream come true for me to represent today’s great authors and filmmakers, and I want to pass along the best new books and DVDs to you, just in time for the Holidays. Please consider these fantastic new titles when you’re thinking about the perfect gift for the anglers in your life…

Flyfishing DVD Sampler


Flyfishing DVDs are becoming more popular every season. If you’re curious what all the hubbub is about, a great entry point is this new DVD Sampler. For $5, you get 32 movie trailers–over two hours of content. Think of it as an entertaining video catalog. The featured DVDs are available at your favorite fly shop.

Eastern Rises


Kamchatka is the wildest, weirdest, most breathtaking rainbow trout fishery left on planet earth. Ryan Peterson and the Felt Soul crew (who brought you Running Down the Man and Red Gold) show and tell all in this awesome new movie. This may be the finest flyfishing film ever made. You decide!

Fish Bum II: Metalhead

Metalhead dvd

If you’ve always wanted to make the steelhead-road-trip to BC, but haven’t found the time and/or cash, let these guys take you there. The Angler’s Exploration Group, best known for their Trout Bum Diaries films, takes on Skeena Country in good humor. And barely lives to tell about it.

Lost World of Mr. Hardy

Lostworld of Mr Hardy DVD

We all know a little bit about Hardy, like the fact that the pre-50’s Perfects are arguably the best fly reels ever made. But the real story will blow you away. If you appreciate history and love our sport, this film will move you. Not a sales job for Hardy–far from it. See the movie and you’ll see what I mean.

Skagit Master

Skagit Master featuring Ed Ward

This is a major peek behind the curtain, and a casting video you’ll keep coming back to. But all I can think about is Skagit Master 2!! Can’t wait…

The Source: New Zealand

The Source New Zealand DVD

Nobody has ever captured New Zealand like this. Okay, except Peter Jackson, but he had a budget! From the dudes who created The Source: Tasmania (one of my favorites of all time) comes a whole new look at the green isles, from some guys who live there. Gorgeous filmmaking.

Bug Water

Bug Water

So much more than a collection of unbelievable photographs, Arlen’s book is a gift to all flyfishers. Pure inspiration, and packed with information that will make you a more successful angler. I’ll go sp far as to say it’s the single greatest angler-entomology book I have ever seen. Thanks, Arlen.

Learning from the Water

Learning from the water

Rene’ Harrop has spent his life studying the Henry’s Fork and her picky rainbows. His newest book is an attempt to pass along not only the hard-won information he has gained, but also the inquisitive, challenging attitude it takes to be a great trout angler. If that all sounds a bit heady, then just focus on this: all of his kick-ass CDC patterns are presented here. Priceless!


Trout lessons

Ed Engle was introduced to the greater fishing world by his buddy John Gierach. He’s one of the most sought-after guides in the Rockies, with a special flair for tailwater fisheries. In Trout Lessons, Ed shares his tricks for those days when the trout aren’t falling for the usual stuff. Do you think there might be some juicy stuff in here? Hmmm…



This is a spruced-up reprint of one of the finer coffee-table books ever made. A great gift for anyone with a coffee table.

Tying & Fishing Tailwater Flies

Tailwater flies

This is really a Rockies book, but the flies presented have a lot of promise everywhere where trout swim. If you like drifting little stuff for big trout, check it out! Lot’s of potential for us Coasties.

Single Handed Spey Casting

Single Handed spey casting

Gawesworth is an incredible teacher. He’s been training Spey casters since he was fourteen years old. He invented the Snake Roll. He can Spey cast so beautifully with a single handed rod, you will wonder why he needs a two-hander. If you want to take you trout game to the next level, check this out. And pick up his video, too: RIO’s Modern Spey Casting. Essential stuff.

Twenty Salmon Flies

Twenty Salmon Flies

This outrageous book comes with a two hour DVD, making it the single greatest resource for traditional salmon fly tyers ever created. The ULTIMATE gift for any crazed fly tyer. And it’s so beautiful, it will stop you in your tracks.

Little Red Book of Flyfishing

little red bok of fly fishing

Charlie Meyers was a beloved personality in the world of flyfishing. Thanks in part to this fun little book, his character will continue to inspire anglers into perpetuity. Modeled after the Little Red Book of Golf, this stocking stuffer offers 240 tips to make you a better flyfisher.

Passion for Steelhead

passion for steelhead

I know you already have a copy, but shouldn’t you buy one for your buddy? This is the one. I have one that I never open and one that is beat to hell. And I never get tired of Dec’s prose and photography.

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