Winter creeps in…

Looking over at my desk right now, I have pieces of schlappen, craft fur, and Ice Wing Fiber getting sucked into my laptop air intake. There are UV yarn glo-bugs mixed into my medical bills. I can’t find my checkbook, but can show you the pile of articulated winter steelhead patterns I tied over the last few days. I have my vise out during conference calls. Things are taking a turn for the worse.

Fly tying gone wild

Also, I love reading my Outlook inbox through this photo. I see a bunch of acronyms, something about “campaign value adds” and a note about a “Randy xmas bear”. RADICAL!

My office and cell phone voicemail inboxes have been full for three weeks, but my winter egg patterns are about finished. Starting on leeches now. Thanks for calling, I’ll get back to you in April.

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3 Responses to Winter creeps in…

  1. themostdangerousanimal says:

    Winter rules, summer drools.

  2. Let the winter twitching games BEGIN!!!

  3. Rookie says:

    You guys should do a fly tying video on those flies!

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