Fly Fishing Abaco Island Bahamas Wrap Up

Stick around any saltwater destination long enough and those beautiful blue skies and mild wind will turn to dark clouds and 20-35 knot winds. It’s just the nature of the beast. Our first 8 days in the Bahamas, the weather was amazing. Gorgeous caribbean blues that change with the tide throughout the day. Sunrises and sunsets that included moon stars and sun all in the same sky all at the same time! Enough breeze to keep the “no seem-ums” down and the “doctor flies” at bay. Fishing was good to. Great spotting conditions gave us plenty of time to position our casts to avoid spooking the ever wary bonefish.

abaco bonefish

casurina point beach

Cold fronts are the norm around the end of October in the Northern Bahamas. The locals love it because although it gets a bit chilly for them it knocks down the humidity and freshens the air and water. But high winds and dark skies mean tough sledding for the angler in search of the tough to spot, spooky as hell bonefish. When you see them at 20 feet it’s generally to late, they have seen you and your flailing attempt to drop a short.  Accurate and delicate casts usually fail miserably because you were looking at 40 feet. We caught a few fish during the tough weather but we certainly lost some days on the water as well.

That doesn’t mean we stopped having fun, exploring outer islands, blue wholes, beach side pubs and eating some great fish, conch and lobster.

blue hole

hope town

fresh wahoo

curly tail

curly tail house

Petes pub lil harbor

The final two days of the trip were back to stunning. The final two fish were the best for a number of reasons, and those are the kinds of memories that get you to your next trip.–CD

Rainbow Jack Abaco bahamas

bonefish underwater

abaco pig bonefish

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3 Responses to Fly Fishing Abaco Island Bahamas Wrap Up

  1. two dogs says:

    Great shots…….. How about setting me up down there as a sales rep for guide service, fly tying materials, etc. All I need is a corner booth in one of those pubs and a 30′ two masted sailer. Oh, and a cell phone of course……you’d want me to check in once in a while I guess. Ha.

  2. Tapper says:

    now that last one they call a “muy buen chico”

    nice fish!

  3. Rob R says:

    incredible shots, chris! wow!!

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