Horner’s Shrimp Fly Tying Video

Low water fly fishing for Chinook Salmon can be amazing. Having long leaders, clear sinking lines and drab or sparse patterns often is the answer when all the standard comets and Clousers have been run through the pool. The Horner’s Shrimp is a must have in your arsenal.–CD

Horner's Shrimp

Horner’s Brown Shrimp

Hook: TMC 811S # 6
Thread: White X-Strong Lagartun Thread
Tail/Shellback: Brown Bucktail
Body: Holographic Silver Diamond Braid
Hackle: Brown American Saddle Clump

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4 Responses to Horner’s Shrimp Fly Tying Video

  1. Rob R says:

    oh, wow. that looks sweet.

  2. two dogs says:

    Careful big guy, there is no chenile in that pattern….although that IS a pattern with a potential for a lot of flexibility. So I ran down to the vise. Changed the thread color to brown….remembering where the “head” really is and tied up a couple. Then tied up a couple with gold braid, the orange, then pink, chartreuse and I am not done yet……how many shrimpy colors can you have in the saltwater? Then will do the same on #8 for my little SRC friends that eat the same thing. So, yes I think this pattern has a lot of potential. You could even put the plastic eyes back by the tail, but then would you be messing up the design criteria of keeping it simple? Probably. Most likely would not make a difference either. Would be fun to try one and see if it did,…..I know someone will. Got to go feed. Rob, what do you think of the variations?

  3. Ed D. says:

    Moving to Oregon on 4th of July this year. I stopped in a little bait shop between Burns OR and Bend OR and purchased a 1 day Non-resident license. I stopped on the McKenzie river off hwy 126. I had only been in Oregon about 9 hours. Fished a few dry flies, nothing happening. I broke out 1 of my steelhead/Coho flies (Nymph) and bam! Second drift. Nice little rainbow. Caught and released 3 fish, had many bites in 2 hours of fishing. This is the same fly I tye with chenelle in light brown, Black, Chartruese, Orange and Hot Pink. Great fly. In Michigan it works Very well on steelhead and Coho. We call it a (Spring’s Wiggler) .

  4. Oh,Great weapon to have.
    Looks like shell of sniper.

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