New Wild Fish Blog Launched

Alan Moore, staffer at Trout Unlimited’s Portland office and awesome wild fish advocate has launched a blog, Wild Fishasaurus, a decision he describes thusly:

“We decided to go ahead and try this, at considerable peril to our reputations and financial well-being. There are no criteria, clearly. Nor is there quality control, clearly. And most significantly, rotting, reeking, festering on-line ice-pick-in-your-eye-cuz-it’s-so-damn-boring fish conservation content sprinkled with bathroom humor knows no borders,boundaries, limits, laws or rules. Hope to post something new or two a week. Please anyone who likes what he sees and has an outlet, help us spread the word to anyone who isn’t to likely to be offended.”

Please add him to your blog rolls and check back often. This is bound to be good.–KM

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  1. olivier says:

    I love the content of the Fishasaurus blog but can’t handle the white text on black screen (who can?). Looks nice until you start reading. And yes it is more energy efficient that way but…

    Love the content on your blog too by the way. Great year for mushrooms, hope the same for the winter run…


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