The send off: Captain Nate

Well, if you missed out on fly fishing the Oregon Coast with Captain Nate in his Boston Whaler, you probably missed your shot since nobody else is going to be crazy enough to try to do this for a living for a while. Nate is heading back, like John Candy in Wagons East, to the land of striped bass and urban adventure. Godspeed kid brother.



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21 Responses to The send off: Captain Nate

  1. bchrist says:

    Nate, my man, you will be missed!

  2. themostdangerousanimal says:

    “Never again, is what you swore, the time before.”

  3. Tapper says:

    Nate, you are the MAN! You hooked me up with flies for Oregon coast fishing and I pulled in a big eye gnarly. Wish I could have gone tuna fishing with you. Thanks and you’ll be missed!

  4. two dogs says:

    Nate……now, just how are we going to manage to ravage Puget Sound? Guess I’ll have to send you pics. Thanks for all the great support!!!!

  5. Fishkamp says:

    Is Nate the cute one with the Hooters shirt? Kidding. Have fun with those striped bass. Can’t wait for you to get back so we can here/see more of your crazy saltwater exploits.

  6. Rob R says:

    Choked up and speechless…

  7. Dave says:

    Take care brother, and be safe. Enjoy the fishing for stripers and strippers. Catch ya on the flip-side!
    You will be missed!

  8. moon says:

    Wow dude….. Really….

    What in the hell are you going to pioneer back there.

    Goodluck and be safe bro, i wish we could have fished together.

  9. Rob says:

    Godspeed fella. I’ll miss the lings.

  10. Anthony says:

    Bummer, I thought you were just going there to guide for a little while. Wish you the best and thanks for every bit of help you gave.

  11. Brent says:

    Your going to say goodbye to huffing those leaves down in Southern Oregon. Happy trails.

  12. David Jensen says:

    Shit! Kenjon Barner concussion, now Nate.

  13. Ron Reichenberger says:

    tight lines, safe travels.

  14. Robert Graham says:

    Saw the Capt. cruising through Medford about 5:00 p.m. Don’t see many whalers along the Rogue!!!

  15. Capt. Nate says:

    Thanks everyone! I’ll be back…

  16. Clay says:

    goodbye brother

  17. gregH says:

    We will “loan” you out for a season… but that’s it. Fish well, travel safe.

  18. matt r says:

    Jeez, Nate. You didn’t mention you were going back for keeps. Keep the cup side up out there!

  19. Doctor Rick says:

    Nate has been and will continue to be a great guy and good friend. We will loan you out for awhile but don’t think you are getting away for good.

  20. jason taylor says:

    i live on the south coast now. i think that i will be getting a much bigger picture out here now. i will be shopping around for a whaler once i get situated. plus a zodiac, and some kayak’s. lot’s of 12 wt. rods and maybe even a shop of some sort. you are an inspiration for a lot of the stuff i have been dreaming about. i’m in a situation where i can and will prevail. once i get settled in i will give you a call. i still have those giant ling cod bugs. i cant wait to show off my catch. thank’s buddy, tight line’s.

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