Ten Flies You Need in your Box this Fall

Some great fishing remains available this fall. Locally we have numerous trout and steelhead opportunities. The Deschutes, Umpqua, John Day and many other rivers in Oregon have some excellent fishing through November. What bugs should you have to attack the coming month; the list follows.

Morrish Foam October Caddis Adult

Morrish Foam October Caddis. An excellent hopper dropper pattern, dressed heavy enough to hold up a variety of nymphs. It will skate, dead drift and entice trout and steelhead interested in October Caddis Adults.

Orange Stimulator

A classic fall pattern, the Orange Stimulator is great for a hopper dropper rig when the nymph is a little smaller. Fish it alone for an October Caddis or “termite” pattern. A variety of sizes are effective through the fall.

Parachute Adams

The Parachute Adams is a must have pattern throughout the fall and entire year. Green and Gray Drakes, Beatis, Mahogany duns are all present during our fall season. The Parachute Adams does a nice job of imitating a variety of mayfly imitations.

Gray Drake

Hairwing Dun Gray Drake. A high floating large mayfly pattern. Warm cloudy afternoons on the upper McKenzie are a perfect set-up for the Hairwing Gray Drake

Orange Elk Hair Caddis

The Orange Elk Hair Caddis works to imitate a variety of small caddis present in the fall. Use it as a searching pattern on slower edges and current seems during the fall.

Tungsten Ice Prince

The Tungsten Ice Prince is fantastic for trout under a high floating dry or indicator. It fishes well on the Rogue for half pounders, and in larger sizes will take adult steelhead nymphed deep. It’s high density quick sinking quality allows you to fish it with little or no additional weight.

Possie Bugger

The Possie Bugger is a must have at any time of the year. In the fall it can be a caddis pupae or an out-migrating “mini-fry”. The Possie Bugger has accounted for more trout than any other fly in the Willamette Valley over the past ten years. Steelhead on the Rogue, John Day, and Grande Round love it as well.

Green Butt Silver Hilton

The Green Butt Silver Hilton is a favorite on the Willamette for Summer Steelhead especially in some of those shallow runs and tail-outs that fall fish seem to love. It works on the Deschutes and Rogue as well.

Morejohn's Bantam Purple

Morejohn’s Bantam was a favorite on the Deschutes last season. Think of it as a “mini-intruder”. Nice to cast and deadly in terms of hooking.

Signature Intruder Gothic

The Signature Intruder (Gothic pictured) is an excellent steelhead pattern throughout the year. When the water goes up a bit or you want to fish some faster deep runs try the Signature Intruder. When fall water temperatures drop and you need a fly that pushes some water this pattern gets it done.–CD

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  1. Ben Kearney says:

    As a newby to this sport I greatly appreciate articles/posts like this one. Very helpful. I’ll be in soon to pick up a few of these.

  2. Ed Beitz says:

    The more I read your articles the better they get you guys really do put out some of the best information I have ever seen. This is by far one of the best sights I’ve seen so far. My visits to oregon with this information makes my fly fishing trips fun and enjoyful. Your videos are very helpful and informational.
    Thank you

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