Upper McKenzie River Fishing Report

Windless fall days on the upper McKenzie River are hard to beat. Lately a plethora of insect emergences have the fish fattening up for the on-coming Winter season. Gray Drakes, small caddis, Blue Winged Olives, lesser green Drakes and Short Winged Stoneflies have been keeping the beautiful wild rainbow trout of the upper McKenzie drainage in fine health. Most notable for me have been the Short Wings discussed at length in Arlen Thomason’s Bugwater (a must have for all western trout anglers). Short Winged stoneflies have been out in good numbers and the crashing rises associated with their presence have been a blast.–CD

Short Wing Stonefly

Dan Philips upper river rainbow

chubby chernobyl on the upper McKenzie

upper Mckenzie tributary

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